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Azurak is a conscious clothing Brand dedicated to truly thoughtful fashion. We create simple stylish shirts and clothing made
from traditional artisan textiles. We aim to do this with the lightest foot print possible and the biggest social benefit.
Our ethos is to put people and planet first, from seed to shirt.

Organic cotton flower


Our combination of certified organic cotton and plant and mineral dyes is what makes our fabrics truly sustainable.

Our direct trade with traditional artisan communities and our small family run workshop is what makes our garments truly ethical.


The master Ajrakh printers we work with are highly regarded for their alchemic knowledge of natural dyes. 

They use a combination of resist paste made from arabic gum and lime along with layers of block print using things like indigo (blue), madder root (red), ochre (yellow) and iron (black).

Ajrakh resist dyeing

Will, founder of Azurak

"Azurak is an extension of myself and the rich tapestry of stories that I've been privileged enough to have been a part of. Collecting textiles while travelling around India and other areas in Asia. I try to create the type of business, products and stories that I wish to find in the world. Everything I sell has a story of history, culture and people woven into it and everything supports old world sustainable production methods and directly benefits my artisan partners."

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