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The Benefits of Choosing our Patterned Organic Cotton Shirts

We all want to play our part in improving the environment. So, what are the benefits of choosing organic cotton clothing?


Because its production involves no chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides, organic cotton is much more sustainable than regular cotton. According to recent research, normal cotton uses 5.7% of global pesticides and 16.1% of insecticides, despite it using only 2.4% of total agricultural land.


Buying organic cotton helps to protect local habitats and the farmers who grow it, preserving the soil quality for future generations.


Since organic cotton uses less chemicals, it can also be better for sensitive skin. That makes it particularly popular for young children and babies, or anyone who suffers from allergies and irritations. 


Azurak Organic has a wonderful collection of organic cotton shirts with stylish and vibrant patterns. 


All our clothing is made with plant and mineral dyes, with our patterned shirts produced using Ajrakh, one of the oldest and most sophisticated methods of printing in India. 


A labour of love, this type of block printing produces stunning results. Although these types of shirts sometimes cost slightly more than fast fashion, they’re an investment that’s worth making. 


Azurak Organic has been producing beautiful organic cotton shirts for many years now. 

Check out our latest collection of patterned organic cotton shirts. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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