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Sustainable Tops Which Are Perfect For Festivals

Looking to update your wardrobe this new year?


Azurak Organic has everything from short and long sleeve shirts to scarves and shawls made from sustainable fabrics. 


Our organic tops have an array of gorgeous patterns, all printed using exquisite natural dye prints. Natural dyes are much better for the environment, the workers and those that wear them. Our Ajrakh printers are renowned for their multi generational knowledge of plant and mineral based dyes.


The printing techniques we use can be traced back thousands of years to the

old Indus Valley civilisation.


Printed shirts using the most sophisticated methods in India.


These shirts are a labour of love, with the process involving multiple stages of preparation. 


Always made with sustainable fabrics, their vibrant colours make them ideal for wearing at summer festivals. Latest ladies’ tops include this true blue Organic Ajrakh Pocket Top. This stunning design is ideal for wearing on holidays, at festivals or relaxing at home during warmer days (and, yes, the sunny weather will return eventually!). 

Check out our latest range of sustainable tops or contact our friendly team for more details .

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