I love this print!


Its made by hand printing resist dye (Arabic gum & Lyme paste) on to the prepared cotton then its vat dyed in iron dye (black).

Iron dye is made by soaking rusty iron in fermented jaggery (sugar cane extract) with some garam flour, this mix is then put in the sun for a week or two until some foam forms on the serface, the dye is then ready to use.

After dyeing its is boiled, washed and sundried.


You can see the hand carved wooden block in the photos above.


The cotton for our shirts is hand crafted by traditional artisan printing families, their style is know as “Ajrakh” and their lineage of printing goes back thousands of years.

They use a technique of relief dying followed by numerous stages of printing, boiling, washing and sun drying using natural dyes such as indigo, ochre, turmeric and madder root to create rich exquisite patterns inspired by Islamic geometry, natural forms and the universe. 

The luxuriously soft cotton is light, breathable and easy to look after.

White on black islamic pattern