Not just any old block print

We source our own certified organic cotton from the south of India and take it to our printing village where they work their alchemic magic to create these stunning natural colours and patterns.

 We work and trade directly with an ancient lineage of printing families who descend from the Indus Valley.

Their style of printing known as Ajrakh is a very involved form of resist dyeing and block printing which requires multiple stages of preparation, printing with hand carved acacia wood blocks, boiling, washing and sun drying.

They use only natural and occasionally eco friendly dyes such as indigo (blue), madder (red), iron (black), turmeric (yellow).

This process employs many people in the village and all are paid fairly for their skilled work.

We trade directly with our producers and pay prices set by them.

We aim to live by our mantra.. natural ~ handmade ~ fair

Below are some photos from our printing village showing the various stages of the process.