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Coloured, Organic Cotton Shirts Made Using Traditional Artisan Textile

From the seed initially planted through to the shirt, our clothing puts the environment first. Azurak is committed to creating organic cotton shirts that have the lowest carbon footprint possible, along with providing the most significant social benefit. 


What makes our coloured cotton shirts special?


They’re made using mineral dye and the result of direct trade with traditional artisan communities. Azurak Organic has a small family run workshop which is what makes our clothing genuinely ethical. 


Garments are produced using a combination of resist paste (made from arabic gum and lime), together with with layers of block print


Our team have an extensive alchemic knowledge of natural dyes.


They use substances like indigo (blue), madder root (red), ochre (yellow) and iron (black) to create simple but stunning garments. Coloured with vibrant natural dyes, our shirts are effortlessly stylish and a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


100% organic cotton made with natural plant and mineral dyes.


Latest tops include this Organic Ajrakh Pocket Top which has a striking gold-yellow colour. This shade is produced using pomegranate skins and turmeric with indigo, madder and resist dye. Like all our clothing, it’s printed by the master Ajrakh printers.

Find out more about our organic cotton shirts or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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