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At Azurak we create simple stylish shirts and clothing made from traditional artisan textiles.

We aim to do this with the lightest foot print possible and the biggest social benefit.

Our ethos is to put people and planet first, from seed to shirt.


All our cotton is GOTs certified and grown using organic practices that eliminate the

use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds as well as drastically

reducing water consumption. Organic farming practices help to support biodiversity

and healthy ecosystems unlike standard cotton which is one of the

most chemical and water intensive crops on earth.

Organic practices also ensure better and safer working conditions for the cotton workers. 

If your cotton is not organic then it is not sustainable.



We are proud to work and trade directly with traditional Ajrakh printing families 

who are highly regarded for their exquisite natural dye prints.

Ajrakh is one of the oldest and most sophisticated methods of printing in India. The 

heritage of these people and their craft can be traced back thousands of years to the

old Indus Valley civilisation.The process involves multiple stages of preparation,

resist dying, block printing, boiling, washing, dyeing and sun drying along

with an alchemic knowledge of plant and mineral dyes to create these exquisite prints.

The Ajrakh printers are famous for their in depth and multi generational knowledge of 

plant and mineral based dyes. Their colours come from things like Indigo for blue,

madder for red, ochre for yellow and iron for black.

Natural dyes are better for the all involved, the planet, the workers and the wearer.



Once the organic cotton has been printed we take it to our tailors. Our old friend Sahjad

runs a small friendly production house where we have been producing our

clothing for many years.

Hover or click on our slide show below to see some photos of the process 

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